Oh Buddha, may I always stay on the path of the Great Vehicle,

And never be led by teachers of lesser vehicles,

May I always come upon the Bodhisattva Sangha,

And cultivate the Supreme Truth of the Mahayana,

May I soon reach the Path of Vision by realizing the True Suchness,

And thereafter see the Buddha-nature by passing through the further gateway.

I shall follow my Venerable Teacher to penetrate the core essence of Dharma,

And directly perceive the selflessness of the person in accord with the Three Vehicles,

Oh Buddha, may I develop wondrous wisdom to fearlessly destroy wrong views,

And bring fellow disciples back to the right paths,

So that they can all enter the Supreme Truth of the Great Vehicle,

And study the definitive and wondrous principles thereof.

I will follow my Venerable Teacher to cultivate the knowledge-of-the-aspects-of-paths,

And realize with proficiency the selflessness of phenomena of the First Ground.

I shall overcome all dispositional hindrances and bring forth the noble qualities,

And courageously take the ten inexhaustible great vows.

Oh Buddha, upon your sublime wisdom I must rely,

To diligently practice the ten paramitas undertaken by all bodhisattvas,

I shall cultivate and attain the Acquiescence to the Non-Arising of Dharmas of higher levels,

And progress through all grounds of the bodhisattva path without impediments,

Until I have achieved the ultimate fruition of Buddhahood, Without ever forsaking sentient beings now and ever.

Oh Buddha, shower me with your boundless compassion,

So that I can accomplish these noble aspirations.

Namo Buddha Shakyamuni,

Namo Buddhas of the ten directions,

Namo the Enlightened Sangha of the Great Vehicle,

Namo the Supreme Ultimate Truth.