1. Self-taking of the Triple Refuge Registration Qualification: Buddhist disciples who seek to take refuge in the Three Jewels but are unable to attend the formal ceremony organized by the Buddhist True Enlightenment Practitioners Association in Taipei.

2. Appropriate time for self-taking of the Triple Refuge: Mornings of the six monthly fasting days (the eighth, fourteenth, fifteenth, twenty-third, twenty-ninth, and thirtieth days of the lunar month)

3. Venue for self-taking of the Triple Refuge: In front of a clean and dignified Buddha altar or a Buddha statue adorned with incense, flowers, lamps, and fruits.

4. Cost: Free of charge

5. Registration Procedure: After you have gone through the Triple Refuge ceremony on your own, download and filled out the application form (Buddhist True Enlightenment Practitioners Association’s application form for correspondence refuge-taking). Include two recent photos. Affix one to the application form, write down your full name on the back of the other, clip it to the application form, and mail everything to:

Buddhist True Enlightenment Practitioners Association
Correspondence Triple Refuge
9F, No. 277, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd.,
Taipei 103, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Please indicate “Correspondence Triple Refuge” on the envelope.

Because the English form will need to be translated into Chinese before it can be processed, please contact us at so that we can help coordinate the submission of the needed documents and photos.

The association will mail out the Certificate of Triple Refuge after proper verification.

Note: For those who have already received a Certificate of Triple Refuge, please do not mail in another application form to the Association to avoid duplicate work. Each person should have only one Dharma-name, so please do not submit more than one application.

6. Ceremony for Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels:


Self-Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels