Have you ever wondered what life is and its true origin?

Have you wondered how the universe is formed?

Have you ever sought ways to attain spiritual liberation and inner peace?

You will be surprised to discover that Buddhist teachings have readily answered all questions you might ever think of!

Inheriting the vision of the Dharma Master, Venerable Xiao Pingshi, Wholesome Vision is founded to publish and distribute discourses and interpretations of Buddhist doctrinal teachings.

The Buddhist teachings are profound, broad and practical, and we have vowed to introduce them to our readers, one book at a time. We cordially invite you to join us and explore the ocean-like wisdom of Buddha.

In this website, you will find publications by Wholesome Vision, brief introduction to our Venerable Xiao Pingshi, the True Enlightenment Vows, the Procedures of Three-Jewel Refuge, the True Enlightenment Dharani, the chart of the Practice Stages towards Buddhahood, and articles of a wide range of topics. Whether you are a Buddhist learner or just someone who is interested in knowing more about Buddhism, we sincerely hope this website will offer you a fresh and intellectually stimulating perspective of what Buddhism is really about.