The Dharani of True Enlightenment was composed by the Venerable Master Xiao Pingshi in the fall of year 2000 based on the framework set forth in the Lucid Introduction to the One Hundred Dharmas by Bodhisattva Vasubandhu. The Buddhadharma is summarized in the synopsis. It includes the mundane and supra-mundane dharmas and the practice and realization of the Three-vehicle Bodhi.

The Dharani of True Enlightenment

The five aggregates and the eighteen elements,
Nirvana and the Matrix of Buddhahood,
Wisdom of the Ultimate Reality,
And Knowledge of the aspects of paths,
All dharmas are summed up in them.

The first is the most supreme among all,
The second occurs together with the first,
The third is projected by the two above,
The fourth stems from variations in the three above,
The fifth is manifested by the four above,
All phenomena emerge in such order.

These five categories of dharmas,
Comprise the Path to Liberation,
And the Path to Buddhahood.
To benefit oneself and others,
Practitioners seeking true enlightenment,
Should comprehend and realize them all.